Casa Oceano - beach vacation rental, Costa Rica

Wildlife at Casa Oceano!

Casa Oceano is within the Private Reserve of Tango Mar. The resort and homeowners have taken care in minimizing the impact of building structures so that the monkey trails are not borken, and wildlife is unmolested so that it will remain. Below are photos taken from Casa Oceano, many of them from the balconies and decks, as the birds and monkeys are as enchanted by us as we are by them! (Most photos taken by guests.)

Costa Rica red parrot around Casa Oceano beach vacation rental
A guest reported this parrot was often "hanging around the house."
closeup of a small bird around Casa Oceano beach rental in Costa Rica

Green parrot - Costa Rica Two green parrots in a tree by Casa Oceano villa rental on the beach, Costa Rica
Squirrel on a bamboo pole next to the beach in Costa Rica by Casa Oceano rental squirrel in a tree by villa Casa Oceano holiday rental

monkey jumping to the roof from a tree overhanging Casa Oceano villa on the beach in Costa Rica
Monkeys sometimes jump from the trees onto the rear roof
Monkey jumping from the roof of Casa Oceano to a large coconut palm leaf
Monkey jumping from front, ocean side roof onto a palm leaf

Howler monkey protecting his territory, staring down the guests at Casa Oceano beach villa
Adult male howler monkey wondering what we're doing in his territory!
Young Howler monkeys with their mother in a tree by Casa Oceano beach rental villa in Costa Rica
Baby howler monkeys with mama monkey in an Almendro tree by the house

Howler monkey eating almendro fruit, a diet staple
Howler monkey eating an Almendro tree fruit - a favorite treat
Costa Rican green parrot near Casa Oceano beach rental in Costa Rica

White faced monkey looking at the guest and camera
A visit by the especially alluring White Faced Monkeys
White faced monkey in tree by Casa Oceano beach villa

White faced monkey in a tree by the ocean, Costa Rica White faced monkey, Costa Rica

White faced monkey White faced monkey in an almendro tree

Land crabs in Costa Rica by the beach
These colorful land crabs are normally not seen,
Land crab on the way to the beach to lay eggs
except in the springtime, after the first rain,

when they march in a phalanx to the sandy beach to lay their eggs.
Termite nest in a tree in Costa Rica
Termite nest - keeping the forest recycled...

Gecko near Casa Oceano vacation rental in Costa Rica
Costa Rican Gecko,
Gecko waiting for a bug to eat
ever vigilant to snatch up a bug

Jesus Christ lizard near Casa Oceano beach villa, Costa Rica
The Basilisk, or "Jesus Christ" Lizard - so named because...
Jesus Christ lizard by the oceano, Costa Rica
it can run across water! Click to see National Geographic video

Bird up on plam tree by the ocean in fromt of Casa Oceano Hummingbird in Tango Mar Resort, Costa Rica near Casa Oceano vacation rental

Iguana lizard posing on some rocks
Iguana Lizard - they love to munch on the hibiscus flowers
Butterfly on the tile inside the villa Casa Oceano beach rental, Costa Rica

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